At Mohindra Primary School we believe in the value of every child and adult who enters our doors. By feeling valued and respected, as an individual, we seek to encourage each person to show value and respect towards one another, joining together to build a happy, forward thinking community. We strive to make our school a place where all are encouraged to reach for and achieve their potential, leaving them equipped and empowered for the next stage of their learning journey.​


The foundation of the school was laid by Mrs. Premvati Maan in the memory of her husband Ch.Mahender Singh Maan who left for heavenly abode on 12 Sep. 1991. 

This is an English Medium Co-Educational Recognised School in Jhajjar.


Our school aims to consider the uniqueness and individual needs of its pupils by delivering a broad, balanced differentiated and relevant curriculum. 


Each child is considered as a whole person developing skills, concepts and attitudes necessary for the opportunities and experiences of the future. We aim to prepare children to reach their full potential as responsible citizens.

Our school aspires to value everyone associated with it, irrespective of age, position, race, gender, background or ability. We endeavour to motivate, support and inspire personal, spiritual, emotional and educational growth in a safe and secure environment.

We aim to unite, parents, pupils, governors, staff and the local community, through agreed school policies, which aim to deliver a quality educational service. This partnership has helped us to develop together the aims for all our pupils.

Curriculum Aims

The curriculum will encourage all pupils to understand, be interested in and show respect to others, whilst also developing their own self esteem.
The curriculum will enable pupils to become literate and numerate, having confidence when communicating, working with and responding to others.
The curriculum will enable pupils to develop analytical problem solving skills.
The curriculum will develop independence in our pupils enabling them to make healthy, safe life choices for themselves and others.
How a Child Learns
7 Multiple Intelligences
What a Child Learns

5 Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills

Where a Child Learns

6 Learning Centres

Our Educational Partners 


ABACUS is one of the best tool, that enhances the concentration level of children. It is one of the in-demand programs for schools as one the leading fun loving activity for children for fast calculations in maths. It undoubtedly increases the overall ability in child.


The advance study in China and Japan has proved it to be  a Skill development tool. Under this study abacus was made a compulsory subject in the primary school curriculum in china and Japan. Now the analysis  has proved that with the help of Abacus, the overall brain development occurs and hence build a more confident citizen with better concept clarity, thus have revolutionized the skill of entire country.


We at AVAS try to make Maths a loving subject for every child through abacus & vedic maths by prescriptive learning program. We EDUCATE | VALIDATE | EVALUATE


Address: Gate No.4, 1 Civil Line Near Civil Hospital, Haryana 124103

Phone: 094167 59534


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